TechieLife turned 1 on 28th August. It has been a quiet year, with only one post – on why the iPhone was a hype phone. The article generated a lot of views, but not many comments (I’m rather disappointed with that). Since then, Apple has release the iPhone 3G, which is so much better. Despite the reports of problems with the 3G service and  third-party applications crashing, the iPhone 3G is the best celll phone ever to hit the market.

TechieLife has been dormant for 9 months now. This has been due to a number of factors, which I shall not get into.

Sine my last post on why the iPhone is hyped, Apple has release an iPhone 3G, which has addressed all my concerns – GPS, Corportate Exchange, 3G, third-party applications. I acquired the 3G iPhone, and will post more details in subsequent posts.

Welcome to TechieLife. So, what is TechieLife? One thing for sure, it’s a blog launched in late August 2007.

A blog is the commonly-used shortened version of ‘weblog’ (which was split to ‘we blog’ ). As opposed to traditional news web sites where content layout is important, blogs are chronologically ordered entries that the author ‘posts’ periodically and appear in that order.

Coming back to TechieLife, what this this blog about?

  • The life of a techie? (Techie is the term used for a person who is highly familiar with computer & digital technology. Note: Not to be confused with ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’)
  • How to get a life if you’re a techie?
  • How technology can be useful in life?
  • All of the above?

Well, this blog is focussed more on the relationship between technology and life. And by technology, I mean computer & digital technology (and this is true throughout the blog). Although, I might touch on the first two topics, since I’m a techie myself (again, not a geek or nerd :-) )

For centuries, it has been widely accepted that the three necessities of life are food, clothing & shelter. In my opinion, we not have a fourth essential – technology. Just think – can you survive without technology? Can we go for a week without our cellular phones, computers, Internets (not a typo), Cable & Satellite television? If you ask me, my answer is an emphatic NO! Not too long ago, there was a Blackberry outage for a few hours. Businesses that depended on the Blackberry started to get nervous. It is reported that a few individuals had to see their therapist.

I intend for this blog to be interactive. Rather than forcing readers to 100% read what I write, I will look to write what my readers want to read. And the best way to indicate this is via the comments section in each post.

OK, enough about the blog. Who is the author?

Hi, my name is Aditya and I maintain this blog. I am a software engineer in Los Angeles, California, USA with a Masters degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southern California (Go Trojans!!).

I’ve been active with computers since the age of 4, and have been on the Internet for the last 10 years (ever since it was introduced in India, where I was at that time). I first started blogging in April 2001. In addition to blogging, I have developed web sites, and written software. I am an early adopter of cool Internet technology (what I find cool may not be cool to others, and vice-versa), and advise people on almost anything related to computers.

I hope that this blog enables me to reach out to more people and help them make full use of this new fourth essential of life – technology!

I can be contacted at aditya [{@}] techielife [.] com (I specified my email in a weird fashion so that spam bots do not pick up my email address).

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