Google announced that they are pulling the plug on Google Reader – due to decline in usage. In reality, Google should taken more effort to spread awareness of this service.

There are two petitions I have signed, and I encourage you to sign these too:
Keep Google Reader Petition

It’s not the first time Google’s done this to a favorite service of mine (Fast Flip, Answers, Desktop to name a few).

The latest blog post on Google’s official blog caught my attention. Due to recent cyberattacks, originating from China, resulting in the loss of some of their intellectual property (fancy term for ‘secrets’), they’re considering withdrawing from the country. Some of the points of interest:

  • 20 companies were attacked: Twenty large companies were targeted and may or may not be aware of it. This has the potential to have far-reaching consequences
  • may no longer be uncensored: They’ve come under flak for censoring results in China (human rights ethics, etc.)
  • Google may shut down offices in China: Mass exodus? will use this opportunity to acquire some of the best talent.

I wouldn’t want to be a Google employee in China, or one working on . I also wish I owned [BIDU] stock.

Google Blog Posting :: Official Google Blog: A new approach to China.

Google recently announced a new look for the GMail client on the iPhone (and Android).

The new interface is pretty intuitive, and pleasing to the eye. However, since GMail supports free IMAP, I use the built-in email client to check my email.

The new architecture involves more usage of the internal database on the iPhone to cache data. This reduces the number of calls to the server, which is more than handy when on EDGE or 3G. According to their blog, they’ve even implemented some HTML5 features.

Related Link:

Official Gmail Blog: A new mobile Gmail experience for iPhone and Android.

In addition to other features in Gmail labs introduced recently, there is one feautre which I like the best – the default ‘Reply to All’. How many times have we replied to an email only to realize we forgot to reply-all ?

Check out this, and other features on the official Gmail blog

After a couple of days of heavy use of Google Chrome, the annoyances have started.

Having a link in the page’s HTML source ending with a special character causes the while browser to crash. So much for only the tab crashing.

The bigger and more annoying issue is the fact that I have received the blue screen of death (BSOD) on 3 ocassions. The message seemed like there was an IRQ conflict. Something to do with IRQL not equal. The only thing common to all 3 occurances is that I was using IE and Chrome simultaneously. And both had some sort of media being played – either YouTube videos or forced video ads. At least on one occasion I was listening to Pandora.

I also noticed that Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer has become slow and sluggish after installing Chrome. Go figure.

This is the first post from my mobile phone.

So, I managed to snag Google Chrome 8 minutes before noon PDT (the official release time). The link was live, and I downloaded it in a flash. Currently, people are reporting that the server is under extreme load and they are not able to download it.

Initial thoughts:

– The installation imported my bookmarks automatically without my permission. It only notified me. I’m disappointed with that. If it was a confirmation, it didn’t follow the usability standards.

– The browser opened up quick, unlike most others which take time.

– The rendering of pages was quick, but the fonts on many pages were not smooth – they had jagged edges and were a strain to read. I checked sites like, and even Google’s search engine. I’m using Windows XP SP3, on a Dell Latitude D820 with a resolution of 1280×800

– It was a bit difficult to find the task manager built-in to the browser.

– The Acid 2 test passed. The Acid 3 test failed, with a score of 61/100.
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