After a couple of days of heavy use of Google Chrome, the annoyances have started.

Having a link in the page’s HTML source ending with a special character causes the while browser to crash. So much for only the tab crashing.

The bigger and more annoying issue is the fact that I have received the blue screen of death (BSOD) on 3 ocassions. The message seemed like there was an IRQ conflict. Something to do with IRQL not equal. The only thing common to all 3 occurances is that I was using IE and Chrome simultaneously. And both had some sort of media being played – either YouTube videos or forced video ads. At least on one occasion I was listening to Pandora.

I also noticed that Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer has become slow and sluggish after installing Chrome. Go figure.

This is the first post from my mobile phone.

So, I managed to snag Google Chrome 8 minutes before noon PDT (the official release time). The link was live, and I downloaded it in a flash. Currently, people are reporting that the server is under extreme load and they are not able to download it.

Initial thoughts:

– The installation imported my bookmarks automatically without my permission. It only notified me. I’m disappointed with that. If it was a confirmation, it didn’t follow the usability standards.

– The browser opened up quick, unlike most others which take time.

– The rendering of pages was quick, but the fonts on many pages were not smooth – they had jagged edges and were a strain to read. I checked sites like, and even Google’s search engine. I’m using Windows XP SP3, on a Dell Latitude D820 with a resolution of 1280×800

– It was a bit difficult to find the task manager built-in to the browser.

– The Acid 2 test passed. The Acid 3 test failed, with a score of 61/100.
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